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The construction sector serves as a locomotive in economies due to its active role in employment increasement. The Construction Technology program aims to meet the need of the intermediate technical personnel  which is required in this sector, which is developing dynamically under rapidly changing market and competition conditions at global level. Our graduates  create a profession group with the title of construction technician who have the  necesssary knowledge and skills to apply architectural and static projects, are able to do the discovery and quantity operations and use land and map measuring instruments, make work site plan.Our graduates who, have high theoretical and practical level of knowledge and high communication and coordination skills, can work in architecture-engineering departments,in firms that provide inspection services, in material testing laboratories as well as public institutions like State Hydraulic Works, municipalities, Ministry of Environment and Urbanism. With Construction Technology Program our graduates are aimed to be trained as technical personnel who can actively take duties not only in state construction fields, but also in different working places of the construction sector like dam, airport, bridge, harbor, tunnel.

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Civil Engineering


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