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Teaching Plan and Course Content

The development of countries is possible with the increase of industrial production. The  biggest effect to the steady growth of the industry is to train qualified personnel in the most effective manner. In this context, the need of our country for qualified personnel  increases day by day. And our machine program aims to provide this growing need. It would not be wrong to say that the machine industry and mechanical manufacturing, which also includes design processes,  are some of the areas whose positive roles are some of the biggest ones in manufacturing  fields. The trainings that our associates must take in order to be able to take place in this dynamic system are given in theory and in practice. They are particularly trained in CAD-CAM activities that the market needs. They are also trained as competent individuals in quality control activities.

In addition to the fact that our associates are able to fill the need for a qualified intermediate member that is heavily required in the industrial sector with the title of Machine Technician, they can also find the opportunities to be employed in public institutions such as State Railways and municipalities  as long as they meet the conditions stated by the institutions. Graduates can also make vertical transitions to related engineering degree programs.

Education Type

Daytime Education/Nighttime Education

Vertical Transicition Faculty / Department:

Shipbuilding and Ship Machinery Engineering

Ship Engines Management Engineering

Ship and Marine Technology Engineering

Manufacturing Engineering

Machine Engineering

Machinery and Manufacturing Engineering

Material Science and Engineering

Metallurgy and Materials Engineering

Automotive Engineering

Agricultural Machinery

They can also be Military Officers by taking the  necessary exam

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