Machıne-technıcal drawing-constructıon program

The rapidly developing industrial sector has increased the need for skilled workers. Our Machine,Technical Drawing and Construction program,whose graduates are preffered and sought by the sector,has a vision in the direction of being a program that takes place in the first place in student preferences by training technical personnel being the leader of the developments that will open up the horizon of the people in the region  and whose experience of knowledge and practice is high. In this direction, our graduates are trained as qualified personnel who can use various drawing tools and materials, have the control on CAD-CAM programs which are widely used in the sector and knowledge and potential  about quality control processes.

Machine Technical Drawing and  Construction Technicians can work in the public sector and in the fields related to industry in the private sector. In the private sector, those  who are employed in large and medium-sized enterprises can function as industrial designers and constructors.  Due to the fact that the material knowledge and technical drawing skills they get  are used in many areas such as automotive, construction; they can easily be employed as production planners, purchasing technicians and quality controllers. They can also work in Engineering / Consultancy departments operating in the private sector. They also have the opportunity to open a business on their own behalf. Graduates can also make vertical shifts to related engineering degree programs.

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Daytime Education

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Shipbuilding and Ship Machinery Engineering

Ship Engines Management Engineering

Machine Engineering

Machinery and Manufacturing Engineering

Material Science and Engineering

Metallurgy and Materials Engineering

Automotive Engineering

Manufacturing Engineering

Production Engineering

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