It is to raise graduates who can combine their national identities with global values, improve themselves constantly, who have control on technology and ability of critical considering, who are sensitive to human rights, democracy, ethic and cultural values; to conduct researches that can contribute to science and technology on an international level, to raise staff that will do these researches and establish the necessary infrastructure; to serve the manufacturing in education and service to the community benefit.



As the vocational college of Manisa Celal Bayar University our self-duty is to raise sectoral technicians that the industrial sector, which is one of the biggest manufacturing dynamics, primarily needs, who have ability, experience and technical potential and defend the work about the domestic and national values of our country,protect and own the interests of our country and who depend on the human power with Machine and Construction Technology programs that will provide employment which mostly consists of  domestic work and human power.


As the vocational college of Manisa Celal Bayar University  our self-view is to be a primarily preferred leading educational institution in providing the necessities of official and private institutions that serve  in different areas as well as the human power that the industrial sector needs in manufacturing process and maintain its position.

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